The Venue

We are proud to host our забава at the Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center in Jenkintown, PA - a second home for many of the Philadelphia Бурлаки. Not only will we be utilizing the spacious main hall - but we are proud to be one of the first events to take advantage of the newly renovated club room - located adjacent to the main hall. Grab a drink and catch up with old friends while taking in this luxurious new space!

A free shuttle will be making routine rides to and from the venue and the HOTEL during designated hours (7:30-9:30 PM and 12 - 2AM.) Feel free to park your car at the hotel and let us handle the rest. The Бурлаки are committed to getting you to and from the забава safely.

There will be a cash bar from 8PM - 12:30AM.

Забава Committee

In early 2021, a handful of Бурлаки were enjoying each other's company at Evan's apartment. An evening of slow cooking meats and sipping on cocktails got the boys sharing memories, and more importantly, reminiscing on their favorite забава tales. Then, the idea struck. Why not host our own забава? A забава befitting of the name: Бурлацька Забава.

 Fast forward to Велика Рада 2021 - and the idea was presented to the rest of the Бурлаки. After an enthusiastic vote of confidence, the Забава Committee was officially formed, and quickly got to work planning an evening we won't soon forget.